Why Bangkok Foodie Tour?

Why Should you Take your Food Tour of Bangkok with Bangkok Foodie Tour?

Being passionate foodies ourselves, we know what it’s like being a tourist looking for an authentic experience when traveling in a foreign country.

Usually one of these two scenarios occur.

Situation #1
 - You stroll down the streets trying to get a taste of the local street food that is unique to that country – but when you get there you realize you aren’t sure what anything is, or if its safe to even eat? What’s in the bowl of soup or what’s the fried seafood that looks like it came from an alien movie? And then you’re not even sure how to order or even how to eat it … In the end when the moment to order your food comes, you hear yourself saying, “One Fried Rice, please”

Situation #2 - Your hunt for unique local food becomes a hunt for any food to fill your hunger and so you settle for the places with the nice air conditioning and fancy ‘English’ menus (with pictures). The menu is filled with stuff like “Spring Rolls”, or “American Breakfast”. You sit down because it is familiar, but then you glance around and realize you are sitting with a bunch of other non-locals like yourself, and tell yourself theres always a next time.

Let us do the organizing and guide you directly to the best local hangouts in the best food neighborhoods in Bangkok. Just show up hungry and let us do the rest!